Peter Nygård: Philanthropist

Breast cancer survivors wearing Tan Jay.
Patients at CancerCare modelling mammogram gowns donated by NYGÅRD.
NYGÅRD International's annual donation to the CancerCare Foundation.
Vice Chairman Jim Bennett poses with a cheque for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
The NYGÅRD International Molecular Biology Breast Cancer Research Unit &  Manitoba Breast Tumour Bank.

Supporting Breast Cancer Research

NYGARD International is reaffirming a mandate to enhance and advance all aspects of the lives of women. Known the world over for the design and creation of top selling women’s fashions, NYGARD is also taking a serious stand for women’s health and making Breast Cancer Awareness a prominent focus of the company.

“Breast Cancer awareness is top of mind for NYGARD associates 12 months of the year-- it is absolutely our corporate charity of choice,” says Peter Nygard, Founder and Chairman of NYGARD International. While October is traditionally recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, those working with NYGARD’s charitable platform, NYGARD for Life, are just as dedicated to this critical cause during the other eleven months of the year. They work with communities and organizations the world over to educate and fight for a single goal: the complete eradication of breast cancer.

NYGARD For Life sponsorships include an annual endowment fund to CancerCare—a national nonprofit organization that provides free, professional support services for anyone affected by cancer. Through this special fund CancerCare is able to bring in world class researchers to work at the NYGARD sponsored Breast Cancer Tumor Bank. Ultimately, all monies raised through NYGARD for Life directly impacts Breast Cancer survivors and furthers the much needed research to find a cure.

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Watch the Video